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Portland Children's Museum

Portland Children's Museum
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Portland Children's Museum

Audio Transcript

I’m Penelope and I’m Mira. We’re Museum members. Opal School students, too. And sisters. Happy 150th Birthday, Washington Park! Join us in celebrating Portland Children’s Museum’s 75-year legacy, and 20-year history in the park. The Museum was home to Opal School. And even though they both closed in 2021, Washington Park is full of plenty of chances to: Think...Imagine...Invent...And create!

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Museum Founder Dorothea Lensch believed everyone should have access to the outdoors and recreation. At Opal School, we spent time outside every day! Rain or shine. We explored so many trails, wrote about our adventures in field journals, and played games in the forest. Nature was our second classroom, and it's yours, too! When you're walking the trails, take a moment to look, listen, and feel. What do you observe?I like the music that trees make when the wind blows really hard. What songs do you hear in nature? You could also use the ABCs to go on a scavenger hunt for natural materials that start with each letter.Wouldn't it be fun to tell a story with the treasures you find, or write a song? Or draw them! Or make a collage! 

"Think...Imagine...Invent... And Create!"

I’ll miss Portland Children’s Museum. Me, too. And Opal School! But, we can always carry them with us wherever we go. How? When we explore playfully, share our stories, and look for connections in everything we do. Yes! And when we inspire curiosity and nurture empathy. That’s right! So even though the Museum closed, we can always keep play in our hearts. We hope you will, too!



The Japanese garden was created in Portland nearly 60 years ago and has become a hallmark of the community today.

Portland Japanese Garden

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We think of forests as ancient and unchanging, but in the inland West the forests we see today look nothing like those of 150 years ago. 

World Forestry Center

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The International Rose Test Garden was founded in 1917 and is the oldest continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States.

International Rose Test Garden


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Explore over 150 years of Washington Park, originally called City Park, and its many destinations by virtually visiting the featured Discovery Points. Each Discovery Point connects you to history, photos, and community members’ stories.