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Home to nearly 2,000 animals representing more than 200 species from around the world.  From education programs to on-the-ground conservation efforts, the zoo is working to save species regionally and worldwide. 

Oregon Zoo

7-12 Building Out the System - Going Wes

In 1998, TriMet built the Washington Park MAX Station, which is the deepest transit station in North America at 260 feet below ground. It's also the only underground station in the entire MAX system.

Washington Park MAX Station

Mt Rainier and St Helens from Overlook 4

Founded in 1928 to conserve endangered species and educate the community, Hoyt Arboretum encompasses 190 ridge-top acres and 12 miles of hiking and biking trails just minutes from downtown Portland. 

Hoyt Arboretum


The Japanese garden was created in Portland nearly 60 years ago and has become a hallmark of the community today.

Portland Japanese Garden

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We think of forests as ancient and unchanging, but in the inland West the forests we see today look nothing like those of 150 years ago. 

World Forestry Center

IRTG Cityscape Historic.Credit, Portland

The International Rose Test Garden was founded in 1917 and is the oldest continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States.

International Rose Test Garden

Established in the 1800s, Washington Park is one of Portland’s oldest parks. The Park’s name, size, and entrances are among its many attributes that have evolved over the years.

 Historical Records - A2004-002.3593   View of Washington Park from the SW Washington St e

Historic Stearns Canyon


One of Portland’s original pieces of public art is still on display today in Washington Park. The Chiming Fountain is located in what is considered to be Washington Park’s main circle.

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Chiming Fountain


Dawn Redwood

Hoyt Arboretum has a collection of coast redwoods that are over 150’ tall and were the first trees planted in the arboretum in 1931.

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Washington Park, originally called City Park, has been well-loved by its caretakers past and present. The stewards of the Park and how they approach and influence its care have evolved.

Vista Points